Welcome to the SOVREN

Nautical Academy

Welcome to SOVREN

Nautical Academy

Created for the maritime industry in 2013, Sovren Nautical Academy was formed as a pioneering initiative to provide the highest level of education and training solutions for professional Crew.

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Fire fighting

Students gain experience in fighting fires in an enclosed space with heat and smoke, exercises designed to build confidence and teamwork.

STCW 2010

Delegates attending this course will gain basic first aid training which is relevant to the kind of equipment available on a merchant vessel.

Hospitality protocols

This protocol training course will cover the full range of rules, customs and expectations that professional crew must master in order to work professionally with VIPs and in high-level business.

Teambuilding and leadership

Leadership is a skill for any role. Learn how to improve communication, make better decisions, manage conflict and build a team.

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