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SOVREN Nautical Academy

Created for the maritime industry in 2013, The Nautical Academy was formed as a pioneering initiative to provide the highest level of education and training solutions for professional Crew.

The beginning of SOVREN Nautical Academy was located in the facilities of the MB92 shipyard, the academy was the first of its kind to operate within a shipyard that brings together the world’s most recognized training providers, ensuring the highest standards of training in the main mandatory courses within the Yacht and Cruise industry.

SOVREN Nautical Academy will ensure that cruise and yacht crew receive the best training at competitive prices, ensuring that all crew are fully trained for their initiation to sailing, as well as for renewals of certificates in Maritime Safety.



Stephen White, has spent several decades in the yachting, and launched SOVREN with the plan of combining essential and desired services already being provided by his companies, and making them available in a single source. By 2011 the plan started to take place, and the group now covers yacht management, build management, crew provision and training, charter, brokerage, publishing, and its very own marina in the Mediterranean, SOVREN Ibiza.

The group continues to expand and add to its portfolio, giving yachting pleasure without the responsibility and expense of conventional yacht ownership.

Our partners

Over the years we have built relationships with companies that provide services complementary to ours. We choose our associates carefully and the companies listed below provide a quality of care and attention that matches our own.