STCW Basic Safety Training

Standards of Training, Certification and Watchkeeping

What is the STCW?

The STCW is an International Convention for seafarers that was established in 1978. The convention prescribed minimum standards relating to training which all countries are obliged to meet, or exceed.
It is often referred to as STCW 95 but the ’95’ was the year in which major revisions were made to the original code. STCW 2010 is the latest, updated amendments to the original 1978 code.



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What’s included in the STCW Basic Safety Training?

STCW 2010 requires all seafarers to receive basic safety training in accordance with section A-VI/1 of the STCW Code.

The minimum requirements for familiarisation and basic safety training are included within our Basic Safety Training course.

There are five separate modules:

These modules are usually held over five consecutive training days OR you can also book the PSA and PSSR courses individually if you haven’t completed them yet.

What do I need to do the Basic Safety Training?

There are no actual pre-requisites, but we recommend students should be able to swim and hold their ENG1 prior to doing the STCW Basic Safety Training.

If you come to us as someone who is working, or planning to work in the yachting industry, we will ask if you have this certificate. The STCW certificate is a minimum requirement for working onboard a yacht, whether you’re a Deckhand, Stewardess or Captain.

There are also elements of the certificate that are required to be shown at the point of a Yachtmaster exam, or are required in a commercial endorsement application. The full STCW endorsement can be applied to RYA Certificates of Competence: Yachtmaster Offshore and Yachtmaster Ocean.

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May 2020

I think the online course has this big advantage that provides flexibility to students, you can be learning anywhere and it brings the opportunity to students worldwide. In the online course you get the information in a practical and visual way that allows you to understand it in an easier way. The interaction with your…

May 2020

I enjoyed it entirely as the instructor Richard was very good in explaining all the subjects and he was also helpful in repeating the argument in case someone is left behind. Honestly, I don’t think there is a part of the course that I would like to improve. As it is perfect as like that.…

April 2020

I was a bit worried since it was the first time doing a course online but it turned out work great and I´m very happy with the way it went.

April 2020

The course was very well done for a virtual course, I thought you were very good rich, approachable, informative, knowledgeable and very helpful. The classroom behind you is great because i feel like I’m there. Connection was always good, videos were very clear. Honestly just keep what your doing rich, very enjoyable.

April 2020

Works very well online and with the screen sharing (videos). Rich is a great instructor and keeps you awake. Good taking breaks often. Have nothing negative to say about the course.

April 2020

Lively instructor, engaging, straightforward, and timely delivery of course. Platform worked perfectly. Thank you!

October 2019

From an instructor’s point of view, they offer unparalleled facilities but, more importantly, a very good support system which means we can offer great service to the students. When you couple that with their diligence and integrity you can be sure of being in safe hands.