Onboard Custom Safety Training

Onboard advanced training and coaching from Maritime Safety Solutions

Why should I book Onboard Safety Training?

It’s highly effective, and often more cost efficient, to arrange training onboard for your crew. Using the vessels that the crew are working with, tailored training onboard leads to a better understanding of the yachts’ facilities and resources, and the safety training can be designed specifically towards the size of the vessel, the number and skills of the Crew as well as the available equipment.


For preliminary remote assessment

Currently available in any region


For preliminary onboard assessment

Currently available in Mallorca and surrounding regions

The preliminary assessment fee will then be deducted
from the training fee if you proceed with this.

Who provides the training?

We work with Maritime Safety Solutions, whose team bring in decades of experience as officers and instructors in onshore and maritime fire fighting and emergency management. For more information about MSS and their parent company GTMS-Training LLC, visit their website.

MSS services are intended to improve emergency procedures and drills, and to bring the Crew’s skills far beyond the requirements of STCW mandatory courses. The training enables crew to ensure they’ll respond quickly and efficiently to any emergency situation onboard their vessel.

What kind of Onboard Safety Training can MSS offer?


Polish and enhance your Crew’s skills as required to take adequate and efficient action in any fire situation, also involving Search & Rescue and Medical operations, in compliance with the procedures of the vessel.

Command & Control

Provide yourself and your Officers with the most up-to-date best practices in order to enhance their expertise in managing any sort of incident on board, in compliance with the procedures of the vessel.


Refresh and consolidate your Crew’s skills as polished during previous coaching sessions, to confirm that they are fully ready to manage efficiently any onboard incident.

Custom Onboard Training

Complete your Crew’s skills with additional emergency techniques as required by specific operations of the ship, like hybrid and electric yachts, helipad emergency management, etc.

High & Low Angle Rope Rescue

Have your Crew acquire the skills required to take adequate and effective action in suspension incidents in accordance to the vessel’s characteristics, and in compliance with any available, relevant procedure.

Search & Rescue First Aid

Improve your Crew’s skills as required to perform efficient Search & Rescue actions and to manage medical incidents in compliance with best practices as well as the vessel’s procedures.

Detailed technical sheets for each training program are available on request.

How does MSS’ Onboard Safety Training work?

MSS’ Team perform the preliminary assessment, then design a tailored training program. The onboard work would then start with vessel and equipment review, knowledge checks and theory refresh – however, 90% of the time is spent on practical activities, based on the outcomes of which MSS would develop additional drills and exercises designed to improve skills and procedures. Finally, MSS’ Team review the overall outcomes and submit a detailed report to the Client.

MSS deliver their onboard safety training services everywhere in the world.

How do I book Onboard Safety Training?

You can book either a remote or an onboard preliminary assessment directly through our website before deciding whether or not to proceed with the full training program. Or you can go straight for the full training program, which will also include the preliminary assessment phase.

Training programs would normally include 1, 2 or 3 days of onboard practicing, based on vessel and Crew size, please contact us for more info and for a quote.

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