The UN’s World Day of Water, March 22nd, is an annual event highlighting the importance of fresh water, and promotes sustainable management of freshwater resources.

The mission of is tor reduce the use of single-use plastic bottles by making drinking water freely accessible. The Balearic Islands has been chosen as the launch pad for the project and Cleanwave are establishing a network of water refill stations where the public have access to refill their bottles. Stations include restaurants, shops, bars, businesses and now, the SOVREN Nautical Academy office.

Cleanwave produce a stainless steel water bottle that gives you free access to all the Cleanwave refill stations;  a useful map is online to show you exactly where they are, within walking distance to your location. The Cleanwave water bottles are available to purchase through many of the refill stations or from Cleanwave directly.

Everyone can get involved with Cleanwave as the awareness that we all have a collective responsibility to protect and preserve our plant’s is a rising tide. It’s great to see so many of us joining in with beach clean-up events and sporting events like the Paguera Challenge Triathlon, Legends Cup, Galatzo Rotary Charity walk and Posidonia Festival. Cleanwave will have a station again at the Palma Boat Show and other racing events.

The refill station is available in our new premises at Carrer d’Espartero 8, if you’re a student you can pop by and pay €15 for a 800ml Cleanwave stainless steel bottle and top it up with water from our fresh-water drinking system (both upstairs in the office/gallery space and downstairs in the midst of our three classrooms).